Employer Branding

Employer branding is the best recruitment strategy today. Hiring good talent is one of the major factors that determine the success of an organisation.

It is what is perceived about you as an employer that drives talent to work for you. If you are perceived as a bad employer, job seekers will give your organization a miss and in this competitive world, you cannot afford to miss out the best talent.

That’s why your employer brand matters and we are here to make sure that it matters for good. Our employer branding framework take a complete 360-degree approach to manage the entire digital spectrum of your branding initiatives.

Here is what we do for you to make your employer brand better.


Career Website

Most organizations spend thousands of dollars on building their website but ignore the career section. For them a career page on a website is just to list down a few opening positions which isn’t the case.

Your career page can be the opening chapter towards your employer branding.

Ask yourself, would you be able to impress a potential recruit using your career page? A badly designed career section can drive away potential recruits making hiring challenging for you.

We help you with the nuances of your career website and even building it from scratch if needed. Not only does this help you in presenting a better face of your brand, it also works to attract the right audience on your website using SEO.


Social Media Marketing

Your presence on social media is the influencer of the perceived employer brand. More than 80% of the millennials are on different social media platforms, and if you want to engage them, you need to have a strong social media strategy. Lack of strong social media presence can impact your ability to recruit talent and build a strong presence.

Markivis, helps organizations to build and execute their social media strategy and digital strategy to attract talent and build your employer brand.

We primarily work on defining your social media strategy, building and executing organic Social Media Campaigns, running paid campaigns, Targeted talent recruitment programs and generic recruitment marketing programs.


Employee Feedback Management

According to Indeed’s survey 83% of Job seekers are influenced by ratings and reviews on various review websites. Glassdoor alone receives more than 30 million unique visitors a month and has more than 11 million reviews. Even desperate visitors won’t work for a company with bad reputation.

There can be multiple reasons for a bad rating and if not handled correctly this can be a dampener for employer branding and your entire recruitment process increasing your cost by up to 30%.

Markivis works with Human Resource teams to negate the damage done by negative reviews. Using in depth research and building an overall strategy we help you respond and manage these negative reviews using various channels and tactics.


Leadership Brand Development

Most leaders have accomplished a lot in their careers. With the advent of social media, most job seekers can find information about the leaders of the organizations that they are potentially looking to apply.

Unfortunately, given the bandwidth constraints most leaders are unable to spend time to create a strong brand presence and position themselves as though leaders.

Markivis helps leaders position them as thought leaders in their domains through a 14-step process. Following this 14-step process is an arduous task and this is where we come into the picture.

From helping you create content to drafting a content marketing strategy, managing the analytics to defining a brand voice, we do it all with minimal inputs from your leaders.

technology solution

Technology Solutions

Technology can help you in communicating with your teams. Be it an app to communicate with your employees, an intranet solution or leveraging Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality to show content and create a unique experience for recruits and existing employees.

Technologies can also be used for potential recruits giving them an overview of the organization and giving an immersive experience of zones that they don’t have access to.

This can be a huge influencer and can deliver your message in a format that registers a huge impact on your sub-conscious mind.

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