The Power of Making Yourself a Brand

The Power of Making Yourself a Brand

As per Nielson Consumer Survey, only 33 percent of buyers trust messages from a brand, while 90 per cent put their trust in messages that come from individual’s social media accounts.

The thing to note here is that if you are a business owner, you can win the trust of people if you bond with them first as a human being.

It doesn’t make a difference if you are representing a company or are a freelancer, personal branding is of utmost importance for faster growth. Branding yourself not only helps you get to the forefront but also sheds light on the company you work at.

The Power of Personal Branding-

Here are a few statistics to prove it…
i) Brand messages shared by employees on social media get 561 percent more reach than the same messages shared by the company’s social media channels.

ii) Brand messages are re-shared more than 20 times more frequently when an employee posts it instead of the social media channels of the company.

iii) On average, employees have ten times more followers than their company’s social media accounts.

iv) Content shared by employees got eight times more engagement than content shared by their company’ social media channels.

What these statistics imply is that people trust people more than they do on brands. It is simple psychology, a human touch is preferred over the artificial aura of a brand.

Personal Branding Boosts Your Sales and Marketing Efforts.

i) Leads that are generated through employees’ social media activities have seven times more chance of conversion.

ii) More than 90 percent of people trusts recommendations from individuals. This explains why influencer marketing is a rage these days.

iii) Marketers, who have their personal blogs, are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive ROI.

The power of social media in recruiting.

i) Employees at companies who focus on their personal branding in different social media platforms are more likely to feel positive about their future with the company.

ii) More than 90 percent of recruiters believe that the job market will become more competitive and one needs to stand apart online to get better opportunities.

iii) More than seventy percent of HR departments search job applicants online.

iv) Ninety percent executive recruiters say they conduct online research of potential candidates.

Successful companies want employees that stand out from the crowd, and one way to understand that is by analysing your online brand.

So, Why Should One do Personal Branding?

Simply because it can open new opportunities. Job opportunities if you are an employee and business opportunities if you are a company.

How to Make Yourself a Personal Brand?

Most people think about personal branding as proportional to having a good number of followers on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms. It is a very way of defining a personal brand.

A personal brand is much more than followers and the likes you get, and it is about showcasing what you believe and stand for.

It is about choosing a niche and succeeding in it to such a great extent that people associate you with that niche. They should look up to you as a thought leader, an expert whose opinion matters.

William Arruda, the author of, “Ditch, dare, do- 3D emphasis on success by nurturing a successful brand. Like companies invest heavily in their brand, you must put in your efforts to build your brand around as your digital manifestation on the online space.

Yes, creating a brand is an arduous task, but nothing good comes easy, isn’t it. If you are someone who wants to make a personal brand for himself. Start with the first thing that represents you in online space- Your social media handles.

Your social media handles can strengthen your personal identity, elevate you, and make you stand out of the crowd.

Now, growing your brand is not a one day job but a continuous process that can go on for months. It is a mix of the kind of content you create, the right combination of strategies, and the consistency in posting.

Build a Strong Personal Brand.

Here are 14 steps to do it…

1. Have a clear picture of your goals-

Before you invest your effort in something, you must know why you are doing what you are doing. You must be clear on you want to achieve through your branding exercise.

Is it finding a new job in your industry? Is it getting a promotion in your company? Or want to generate leads for your company?

Let’s take for an example that you want to be known for the kind of expertise you have in your profession.

The best platform for you to showcase that would be LinkedIn. Invest your efforts in building a LinkedIn profile so that it acts as a remarkable professional identity for you.

Publish short posts every day and at least an article every week on LinkedIn Pulse.

Add professionals in your network and engage with them. Showcase your skills, certifications, and other achievements on your LinkedIn profile.

The platform you choose heavily depends on your goals and what you believe in.

2. Know your strengths and mention that-

If you want to build an impactful personal brand, play around your strengths. Know what you are good at and showcase it to people.

If you are good at writing, start writing on medium and Quora, if you have excellent photography skills, post your pictures on Instagram, if you have got great culinary skills, launch a youtube channel you can opt for all the mediums. The point here is how do you portray your best self before the world.

3. Have a definite brand voice-

Different social media platforms cater to various forms of content and varied audience. It doesn’t mean that you will say something on Twitter and something completely off track on LinkedIn.

The core of your content and the theme of the message should be the same across all social media platforms. Just create content as per the standards of social media platform.

The article you posted on LinkedIn can be used to create tweets for Twitter, and picture quotes on Instagram. The simple point here is to keep the messaging same throughout all your social media channels.

4. Have a strong social media presence-

When you want to build an online brand, a personal blog and having accounts on all major social media platforms is a must. Carve an excellent social media presence on all the channels posting good content and engaging with your audience.

5. Be consistent with posting content-

Like we said earlier, building a personal brand is not a one day task but a hustle that can take months. Post content regularly on all your social media platforms. Have a weekly and monthly strategy for it and follow it religiously. If you are not consistent and post as per your convenience, it becomes hard for your audience to connect with you.

Have a content calendar that clearly defines the kind of content you will post on different days of the week along with the respective platform.

If you take long gaps in posting something new, there are chances that your audience would forget you.

6. Have a similar theme across all social media platforms-

Bruce Lee once said I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times. That is the power of consistency,

When you have the same theme, the same choice of colours, the same tone and voice, you create an impactful personal brand.

You can go ahead and have a logo for yourself that you can showcase across all different platforms. Having a consistent appearance throughout your social media persona makes it easier for your audience to identify you.

7. Craft a content marketing strategy-

Based on your personal branding goals, design a content marketing strategy that helps you pursue it. Your goal can vary from bringing more traffic to your website to finding your dream job.

Develop content that pushes you towards your goal. Like, if it is bringing more traffic to your site then post good short enticing content along with catchy CTAs.

If it is getting your dream job, then present your best version to your audience showcasing your achievements via quotes and captions. You can give a glimpse of your expertise writing blogs, posting it on medium and LinkedIn.

8. Create great content-

Now, this is something quite obvious. Be it branding or marketing, and good content is the centrepiece of all your efforts. When you post good content, not only will people like to read and engage with it but you will rise through the search ranks of Google as well.

Apart from creating good content, share content from third-party sources as well. This way you won’t be too stressed with churning good content all the time, apart from that you grow your community of experts and professionals in your niche.

9. Keep updating your profiles-

Always keep your profiles updated. Keeping broken links or links that no longer exist is a strict no. Update your profile with your latest information; it can be your most recent website, new mobile number, or email address. Whatever be the case, make sure to update your social media accounts.

10. Import your contacts-

Import your contacts from Gmail and your phone book. Also, you can ask your followers to follow you on your other social media accounts. Like, if you have a massive following on Twitter, ask your followers to follow you on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn as well.

11. Be responsive on all your social media platforms-

Just posting good content and promoting it doesn’t work. You need to be responsive to your audience. When you engage with your audience through questions, comments, discussions, debates, replies can amplify your reach ten to a hundred times.

It makes you a trustworthy person online helping you form a better relationship with your audience.

12. Join exclusive niche groups-

On platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, there are a lot of groups that consist of professionals from a particular niche. Join groups that cater to your niche.

Use these groups to share your content and gain more knowledge about your profession. It also helps you expand your professional network and get in touch with like-minded professionals.

13. Get in touch with influencers-

Influencers are the rising stars of social mediasphere. If you want to shine and leave a mark, follow them, talk to them, and learn from them. They are living examples of brand building, and you can learn a lot from them to make yourself a brand.

Contacting and connecting with influencers in your niche can take your brand building efforts to a whole new level. If you convince an influencer to promote your content, it introduces you to their long list of followers. It amplifies your brand and makes you come across as more authentic.

14. Use analytics to assess your performance-

Keep checking your social media performance through analytics. Every platform comes with its set of analytics. Keep assessing your reach and engagement through them and plan your strategy accordingly.

If your analytics graph is positive, you are doing it right. If it is negative, there is something wrong with your approach.

Follow these 14 step process, and you will be very soon on the way to become a personal brand in your niche.

Hire a Personal Branding Consultant-

Why is it a great idea?

Now, if you are a busy executive and rarely find time out of work to work on your personal brand, definitely, following these 14 step process would be a tedious task for you and personal branding is a must to become successful.

So, it is something you cannot ignore? So wouldn’t that be a great idea to hire a company that does all the branding work for you on all your social media platforms based on your goals and persona?

You can keep going with your routine work giving your 100% at the workplace, and we will do all the personal branding for you. From your blog to every social media handle, we will do it all.

As digitisation conquers even more of our living space, the need for a personal brand to showcase one’s expertise is only going to increase. We all are salesmen of our expertise in the professional world. The way we present ourselves, the better price we fetch, the better expert we are perceived to be.

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