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Marketing Technology

What is Marketing Technology? Marketing has gone beyond the 4 Ps and the 3 C’s. With personalization and digitization ruling the marketing spend, leveraging tools has become a necessity to deliver the marketing impact and track the RoI.

Consider this, there are 5000+ marketing tools to choose from, how do you know which ones do you use and how do they integrate.

Defining the marketing technology framework is a complex task and unfortunately, most CIO or CTO functions can’t help given their limited understanding of end to end marketing functions.

Hence, the need of a marketing technology consultant who understands your needs and can work with the CIO function to deliver a framework, which not only helps you meet your marketing needs.

If you have ever used Google analytics to get insights into the performance of your website or if you have used a marketing email solution like MailChimp to send emails or Hootsuite to post updates on your Twitter, you are already using marketing technology for your business.

In the last few years, there has been massive digitisation across the globe. Companies have been forced to change strategies in every department and marketing is no different. Marketing is going through a lot of digital transition, and with multiple tools marketing is reinventing itself.

Due to which marketers rely heavily on marketing technology to get the desired result. Consider this there are 5000+ marketing tools to choose from? Isn’t it intimidating and mind-boggling at the same time?

As per a recent survey by Gartner, 22% of the marketing budgets would be spent on marketing technologies.

With so many tools around and the frequently upgrading marketing landscape, CMO’s are coming under scrutiny to showcase their martech abilities and deliver better results. Even marketers are having a difficult time upgrading themselves with the number of martech tools available.

So, how can a CMO choose the best possible marketing technology for their organization?

This is where Marketing Technology Consulting comes in.

Why is Marketing Technology Consulting essential?

Today, there are a lot of tools available to help you reach your marketing goals. Yes, you would feel quite confused at first seeing the abundance of marketing tools available and that is quite natural.

This question will come to bother you that how will you identify which marketing technology works best for your business?

Once you consult an expert who has a knack about marketing technologies, it will become easier for you to choose a technology that will work best for you.

Most brands today want to give their customers the best experience to show themselves unique from their competitors. There is no shortage of tools and tech to create such an experience. But the question is out of the pool of martech tools, which of them will suit the marketing goals of your organisation?

Marketing technology consultants help organisations get answers to these questions. They understand the pain points of the organisations and based on that put in their research to find relevant tools for you.

Different marketing teams have different goals, as marketing technology consultants it is our job to understand it and tell you what exactly you need.

Here are seven areas where a marketing consultant can come in handy to make your choice better.


Every campaign comes with its set of uncertainty if it will work or not. The probability is always fifty-fifty. Campaigns perceived to become successful, created by the best minds failed and the ones that weren’t expected made a shattering impact.

Though, the success of a campaign cannot be guaranteed 100%. Martech helps you with analytics which allows you to get insights into user behaviour on websites and social media.

When you have the right analytics tools, you are well prepared to get a better understanding of the campaigns you execute. Insights can help you invest in campaigns that will generate better ROI for you.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation systems have become very important to get the most of your marketing spent and effort. They help you to create personalized campaigns and get detailed insights and analytics which can help you tweak the marketing campaigns.

From automating email campaigns to managing databases, marketing automation technology lessens your burden for you. They have a lot to offer but they are pretty expensive.

As a consultant, we will help you choose and implement the right marketing automation tool for you on the basis of your requirement and marketing budget.

Content Management Systems

The digital space is going through a content explosion with marketing teams producing an enormous amount of content.

What many fail to understand is that if the content is not in the right format and has little relevance, it is a waste. With the average attention span going down to almost eight seconds, putting content for the sake of it is a strict no.

With so much of content to be made and posted to different social media channels, content management systems are the ultimate solution for you. It will help you streamline your content and provide you with insights on content consumption patterns.

It, in turn, will allow you to create content that matters to your target audience. As per your content and your marketing goals, we as marketing technology consultants we can suggest the appropriate content marketing channel for you.

SEO / SEM tools

Did you know that more than 60% of the people only click on the top 5 search results!

Search Engines are working overtime to keep upgrading their algorithms to keep showing relevant results to the audience.

Due to this reason, marketers have to be on their toes to make sure that their content ranks up higher on the relevant keywords to generate leads for the organization.

It is only possible by making use of the right SEO tools. Having the right SEO tool helps you track your keywords and spend your budget better with more efficiency.

Which SEO tools would work best for you is a question that we can answer with precision.

Social Media Tools

Social Media is today the most powerful medium of communication. Social media platforms not only add value to a brand but the brand evolves on these platforms every single day.

One good post can amplify your brand image to great heights and one bad post can ruin it all. So, it is a double-edged sword that needs to be used carefully and which requires a lot of work.

From creating content to curating content across the web to posting it on the right platforms to monitoring social media, there are a lot of social media tools that can make work easier for you.

Which tools can do wonders for your brand is something that we as marketing technology consultants can tell you better.

Customer Relationship Management

At the end of the day, every business is driven by customers and customer relationship management is an aspect that cannot be ignored. Your customers, their data, and the data they give are very crucial for marketing purposes.

Since handling huge chunks of customer data are manually not possible, companies go for customer relationship management tools.

When CRM is used effectively, targeting prospects and getting valuable insights for conversations becomes easier.

There is a lot of overlap of tools between Marketing Automation and CRM tools. However, both play a different role. What to use where and how is what we can help in.

Advertising and Retargeting

Google and social media platforms have become huge playgrounds for marketers to grab the attention of the audience. Apart from putting up their content, they are putting up ads to gain maximum reach.

There are a lot of Retargeting and Advertising tools in the marketing space to get the best results from your marketing efforts. While advertising is broader based, Retargeting, using specific tools can help you deliver your message to the right target audience generating a much better ROI on the dollars spent than advertising.

With the help of these tools, you can help narrow down your content based on geographies, titles, company names, and even IP addresses. Based on what your marketing goals are we will help you get the best retargeting and advertising tool.

With the help of the right marketing technology, your sales and marketing teams can work together as a cohesive unit and achieve more in a lesser time frame.

From email automation to analytics and personalization of target groups, marketing technology is transforming the way organizations do their marketing.

The right marketing technology amplifies marketing efficiency, and decreases lead conversion time increasing revenue and customer happiness.

If you want to stay relevant to the changing marketing needs of your niche, it is highly recommended to keep upgrading your marketing technology stack.

What technology would be best for you and how you could do it is something we will help you with.

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