Personal Branding

In the digital era, with social media on the rise, we all have our personal brand to take care of. Personal branding has become a decisive factor to get better opportunities.

When you showcase your expertise effectively through your online brand, it will open doors for better career growth and help you get to move into senior management and leadership roles.

This is the power of personal branding. With limited intervention and minimum time commitment from you, Markivis- Your Personal Branding Consultant can work with you to build your personal brand. We do this generally through two steps.


Social Media Management

The first step to build your personal brand is taking care of your social media accounts. We analyse your social media accounts to understand its overall reach and impact.

Once, the analysis is done, we draft a social media strategy that includes the kind of content that would be made, the platforms where it would be published, and how that content would be promoted across the digital space.


Guest Blogging

Writing long form content is the best way to showcase your expertise and domain understanding. Working with you and based on your inputs, we can create blogs on the domain and the niche you work.

We choose different topics based on the what’s trending and work with you to create blogs for websites with high moz authority building. It also includes researching the right keywords that can highlight your skillsets and expertise on different search engines.

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