Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing program is an approach of customizing the message for a specific account and approaching the account with the relevant messaging.

The first step to success is identifying the relevant accounts and building a message that resonates with account. The reason why Account Based Marketing is complex marketing program is because it leverages multiple channels both online and offline.

Markivis can help organizations build Account Based Experience where we work hand in hand with clients to deliver on an ABM program.


ABM Account Selection

The first step for running an ABM campaign is to successfully shortlist the accounts. This is an extensive effort to understand the existing strengths and get in analysis of existing accounts.

The next step is to identify target accounts, map existing relationships and then it requires a tremendous search both online and offline. This will help in understanding the current opportunities and future opportunities for those accounts.


ABM Strategy

Building a comprehensive Account Based Marketing plan, mapping out the decision makers, influencers and generating intelligence is the next step.

This needs to be a comprehensive exercise with a lot of inputs coming from existing sales and relationship managers. ABM plans have a horizon of generally 12 – 24 months and even longer gestation periods.


ABM Tools

An ABM strategy can deliver better results if leveraged with the right set of tools. From executing email campaigns using marketing automation systems, using retargeting tools for advertisements, leveraging website personalization solutions and many more.

We can help you in execution of your Account Based Marketing programs working as extension of your team.


ABM Campaign

Marketing message buildup. The message / value proposition needs to be clearly defined. Need to clearly identify decision makers / influencers / gate keepers and build an exhaustive database.


ABM Reporting

If you use multiple tools, ABM reporting can become complex, also with multiple Account Based Marketing programs being executed across the organization and with simultaneous touch points, it is extremely difficult to capture them using existing tools.

We have created a framework to quantify the ABM efforts and score them based on touch points and buyer engagement.

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