Marketing Shared Services

Our Marketing Shared Services are a collaborative and systematic approach to market your brand better. Doing so, we aim to become a premium marketing service model for leading companies.

As per a recent Gartner survey, up to 27 % of the marketing budget goes on the resource cost.

In mid to small sized organizations, it can go up to 50 % of the marketing budget as the marketing needs become niche specific.

What if we tell you that you can spend your marketing budget on marketing activities and not on resource costs! What if you can get more from your allocated budget? How do we make that happen for you?

Marketing shared services involve listening and understanding your marketing goals to the core. Once it is done, we prepare an engaging marketing plan. Once the plan is laid, we go all out to execute it.

Your requirements play a pivotal role in how we work with you. We can be an additional force to amplify your marketing efforts or we can work as the very extension of your organization to do the complete in and out marketing for you.

With a team of experts and a wide range of resources at your disposal, we bring in a personalised approach as per your marketing needs. So, if you are someone looking for a better ROI from your marketing budget, join hands with us and amplify your returns on your marketing budget.


Marketing Strategy

Your Marketing Strategy should be clearly tied up to the sales team goals and larger organizations objective. We will take a deep dive into your business, understanding how your consumers purchase and what differentiates you from your competition.

We help in bringing together all the aspects related to marketing strategy and planning while applying analysis, research and identification of target markets.

Our efforts and expertise are directed towards strategic positioning of your company and implementation of the customized plan that would suit you well. We ensure that we pre-evaluate and measure the results that we implement.

marketing automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation technologies are complex. After implementing the Automations tools only 8 % organizations see a significant change in leads.

Marketing automation systems can provide intelligence on leads, help in lead nurturing, manage social media platforms, advertising platforms and build customized websites.

Our experienced resources provide the following shared services:

1) Marketing Automation Tool Implementation
2) Marketing Automation Tool Administration
3) Campaign building/execution
4) Database Management
5) Integration across multiple tools

digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Services helps you achieve your online goals and reach out to the right audience in the right manner. We understand your business and create your business awareness online amongst the target audience.

Developing a customized strategy that works with your business need and helps you in spreading awareness about your brand online is our forte.

Our services include:

1) Website creation
2) Website update / management
3) Landing page creation
4) Social Media Account Management
5) Social Media Updates and content


Content Creation

We offer Content Creation as a part of our Marketing Shared Services. Content plays a vital role to communicate your brand identity; creating messages not aligned can impact your brand identity and give a confused messaging.

Given the limited attention span today, graphics / videos can help capture the attention of your target audience, enabling you to communicate your message effectively. Even presentations if done with right graphics can help in engaging the audience.

We can help build your thought leadership content / graphics or videos to meet your organizations / campaign / social needs.

1) Graphics
2) Case Studies / Thought Leadership
3) Videos
4) Infographics
5) Website graphics
6) Presentations


Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics is an integral part of our Marketing Shared Services as it is important to measure the marketing activities against expected results. Unless you are able to interpret the language of data, they are nothing else but numbers.

Analytics tools can provide detailed insights on user behavior, the section of website that they like, pages that they don’t, where do they come on your website and much more.

In addition, Campaign analytics helps decode if the messaging or the value proposition that you are taking to market is appropriate.

Our analytics services can scan through rows of data to gather actionable intelligence and help you improve your website / campaign performance.

1) Google Analytics
2) Website traffic analysis
3) Campaign Analytics and reports


Inbound Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing can make a significant impact to the sales pipeline of an organization. Our marketing services include:

1) Search Engine Optimization
2) Search Engine Marketing
3) Email Campaign Creation and Execution
4) Social Media Campaigns
5) Remarketing Campaigns
6) IP Based Marketing

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